Guardianships - Adults

Guardianships - Adults


The Miami, Florida Law Offices of Paul M. Kade understands the unique challenges of raising and caring for a child with special needs. When an individual is mentally or physically challenged, the need for parental care may continue well into adulthood. That’s why so many parents of special needs children turn to a trusted estate planning attorney to ensure that their adult children will have security and access to resources in any eventuality. Attorney Paul M. Kade establishes the guardianships and trusts that are necessary to guarantee the continued care that special needs families must have. Contact our Dade County law office to discuss establishing a plan for your family.

Adult Guardianship and Special Needs Care in the State of Florida

Whether it is due to a physical infirmity or a lack of mental capacity, if you are the parent of a special needs child, he or she depends heavily on you for food, clothing, transportation, and in some cases, even for personal care. It’s important for you to know that if you weren’t around, someone—a responsible friend or family member of your choosing—would be able to step in and take over in your absence. At the Law Offices of Paul M. Kade, attorney Kade can prepare the documentation and financial instruments that are necessary to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your special needs adult child will have what he or she requires. Estate planning lawyers use specific instruments to guarantee a smooth transfer of guardianship. These include:

  • WILLS – Your last will and testament should outline a succession of guardianship. In addition, it should detail specific instructions with regard to living arrangements, medical care, adult education, et cetera.
  • POWERS OF ATTORNEY – In the event you are incapacitated, but still alive, a power of attorney would transfer temporary guardianship to an individual of your choosing. Because the guardianship provisions in a will would only trigger in the event of your death, this is an essential document to any comprehensive estate plan.
  • TRUSTS – A trust—or "special needs trust" as it is often called when the beneficiary is an adult with a physical or mental condition—allows a principle to place money into an account so that the guardian has the resources necessary to care for the beneficiary.

Special Needs Estate Planning Attorney for South Florida

With over twenty-five years of estate planning experience, Miami attorney Paul M. Kade knows the challenges that face the parents and caretakers of special needs adults. If you are someone who takes responsibility for a special needs adult and you reside in Dade, Broward, Monroe, or Palm Beach counties, contact the Law Offices of Paul M. Kade to establish a plan for continued care. Our number is (305) 670-6929.