Business Litigation

Business Litigation


There are many predators lurking in the wings, patiently biding their time, waiting to ambush an unsuspecting business owner. A common mistake that many business owners make is ignoring legal problems in the vain hope that they will just disappear, handling the legal matters own their own(including direct communication with opposing counsel) or retaining an attorney who is not experienced in business litigation. If you had a specific problem with your heart, you would seek the most accurate diagnosis from a cardiologist, not a general practitioner. The same point is driven home in the world of business litigation. Paul M. Kade has over 30 years of experience in both prosecuting and defending civil lawsuits for businesses and their owners. In South Florida, the Law Office of Paul M. Kade is dedicated to patiently walking you through the legal process so that together, you can achieve the best possible outcome for your personal situation. When you’re his client, Mr. Kade makes communicating with you a top priority. You never have to become acquainted with the heart-sinking feeling of not getting a response from your representation. You will never be kept in the dark or out of the loop when it comes to the proceedings in your case; with us, you are an essential part of your legal team.

Indented block Business litigation can seem both confusing an overwhelming to the average person. The precise definition is admittedly a bit nebulous to most, but it is basically when a business dispute arises between an individual and a business, or two business entities, that were unable to be successfully concluded in the negotiation or arbitration proceedings; mostly used as a solution of last resort. The Paul M. Kade utilize his experience and knowledge to get to the bottom lime and cut through the ambiguity and lack of clarity that tend to surround these issues. Some of the reasons to consult a top business litigation attorney include issues with:

  • Contract disputes – determining who is at fault and the determination of monetary damages
  • Corporate disputes and dissolution – determining the relative rights,responsibilities and liabilities of members of a corporation, limited liability company or partnership
  • Collection of debts from commercial customers
  • Denial of insurance benefits or coverage – undervaluing or completely denying a legitimate claim
  • Business Litigation is normally not the ideal way to resolve a dispute, but sometimes a situation heralds the necessity for a business litigation attorney. You’ll need to be advised on the intricacies of the complex litigation procedure, including:
    • Filing of an initial pleading and response
    • Motions
    • Discovery: including depositions and interrogatories
    • Pretrial conferences
    • Trial
    • Judgment
    • Appeals

If you are a South Florida resident, contact an attorney from the Law Office of Paul M. Kade. You’ll need to know which of your options best suits the needs of your particular predicament. We will provide you with understanding, experience, and unwavering allegiance. We return your calls promptly, and truly listen to our clients, which enables us to provide premier representation. Call (305) 670-6929 today to schedule your initial consultation and receive the answers to your business litigation questions.